Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gluten Intolerant?

Okay you guys, things are going to get a little personal here on this blog....

Lately I've been struggling with a really annoying problem. Digestion issues!! I've never had to deal with awful bloating, gassy annoyingness, or the embarrassment that comes along with both of those before, so this is totally new to me. It started after our trip the other weekend to Atlantic City and Washington D.C. For the first few days after our trip, I assumed it was because I did NOT eat healthy (think pizza, beer and Shake Shack ;) But then I was back into my eating and working out routine and it still wasn't getting better. The other night I had a total breakdown because I was so FED UP with feeling the same way. I would start the day off okay, then come 4:30pm I was bloated and feeling awful. I even cried to Joe-Joe about it because I eat SO HEALTHY...especially compared to other people. So the other night he went to Walgreen's to look for some Dandelion Team (I read somewhere that that can help), but he came back with Lemon Ginger Tea with Probiotics. And y'all know how much I LOVE probiotics :) What a great guy. 

Anyway, around to my experiment. I've decided that out of the foods I eat--the culprit has to be either gluten or peanut butter. I'm unwilling to even wrap my head around giving up peanut I'm giving up gluten for an entire week. Day 2 and I'm feeling so much better. On Day 7, I'm going to eat a slice of bread and see how things go. There's nothing more that I hate than people who claim to be "gluten intolerant" but really just use it as an excuse to try and lose weight by not eating bread. This is definitely NOT one of those circumstances. Homegirl LOVES bread, pasta and all things it's going to be a struggle. But considering how much pain and discomfort I was in, it's worth the struggle.

Have any of you ever suffered from extreme bloating or gluten intolerance? Did you go to the doctor or try to WebMD diagnose yourself like me? LOL


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