Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lean and Clean Chicken Kabobs

In the endless "what's for dinner" saga, I have something easy, clean and healthy for you today! I have a 50 minute workout planned for tonight and I know I'll want something easy to prepare after. That's where Chicken Kabobs come in!

I tend to use METAL skewers for my kabobs, because I'm just a little too scared to light wood on fire in my apartment.

When I get home, I'll put together the marinade and let everything soak while I get my workout done. Then it's just a little grilling and baking until I have my satisfying meal! Not sure it could get any easier.

 Make this 21 Day Fix Approved by measuring out your veggies and chicken BEFORE skewering :)


Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Fun!

It's Friday! Thank goodness. I really need the weekend! This week seemed to drag on forever...maybe because Joe-Joe was in Philadelphia for work and I was all by myself! I've realized that living alone is not for me. I enjoy having him around so much. Mostly because he makes me laugh and pushes me to NOT just sit on the couch. Gotta thank him for that one of these days.

Anywho, I was deciding what I wanted to share with you today and I came up with a copy-cat post. 5 Things Friday! I see a lot of other bloggers do it, but I never really understood it. Until today, when it's Friday and my brain is dead.

  1. Food Obsession: Chocolate Zico Coconut Water + Vanilla Shakeology in my blender cup. Holy YUM! As you can tell, it's pretty much the easiest go-to lunch option when I'm stuck at my desk! Give it a try...you won't be disappointed! (Find Shakeology Here)
  2. TV Obsession: Well, I guess it's been an obsession for a while now....but Top Chef: All Stars! I think it's Season 8. It's so funny. They really captured everything I want in a TV show: competition, nice people, funny people and food. Thank you, Bravo.
  3. Fitness Obsession: Mixing it UP! I've been doing T25 Beta, TurboFire and The 21 Day Fix all combined. I just wake up and decide what I'm in the mood for and GO. Don't worry, I always do 1 cardio and 1 toning :) 

  4. Motivation Obsession: Tone It Up Bikini Series! Karena and Katrina do this every spring in order to help get everyone ready for summer. If you search #bikiniseries on Instagram you'll be flooded with motivation to lace up and workout! Or, eat healthy! It's such a positive community and I love meeting new friends from it!
  5. Humor Obsession: So many of these remind me of my parents. I'm sure you won't be disappointed either!
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