Sunday, June 22, 2014

5 Day Shakeology Challenge!

I'm hosting a small group Shakeology Challenge!! I want everyone to feel the amazing benefits of Shakeology and eating healthy. That's'll be EATING on this! The cost is only $10, as to cover my cost for shipping and handling of the packets to you! I'm not looking to make money on this, instead, I'm trying to open your eyes to a whole new world (Aladdin just popped into my head, anyone else?? Haha). A world where a single meal is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics and antioxidants!! Shakeology is CLINICALLY PROVEN to help your digestive system work better and leave you feeling full. Who doesn't want that? So here's the deal... I only have enough for 5 people!!

The first 5 people to sign up will receive:
  • 5 Day Supply of Shakeology
  • Meal Plan with Recipes and Tips
  • Accountability and Support! 

Signing up is EASY!! Just join my team for FREE ---->  I'll monitor the first 5 people and contact you via email within 24 hours. Then, you will PayPal me $10 (if you don't already have PayPal, I can help you with that too!).  After that, I ship you the Shakeology, send you your Welcome Kit and we get started on Monday, June 30th!!!



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