Tuesday, June 17, 2014


But first, let me tell you about the last 12 hours! Joe and I woke up around 12:15am because of some serious rain. We have a skylight right above our bed, so it wasn't a huge surprise. Rain is freaking LOUD on that window! But after a minute of talking, Joe heard something far off in the distance that didn't sound like thunder. He went downstairs and opened the door... and BAM! SO MANY SIRENS!! Cops out, fire trucks whizzing by and the tornado sirens in Madison, Verona and Fitchburg all going off. We turned on the TV and then realized that a tornado warning was in effect for right on top of us. I immediately put on my shoes and was ready to run to the basement... but then heard the weatherman say that the tornado already passed over our development and was moving at 50 mph to the east. Talk about a nervous 3 minutes. I can't believe my phone didn't go off with the emergency alert system! We woke up this morning and found out that a tornado touched down around where Joe works, and only 3 miles from our apartment. He said cars were in the cornfields and a roof of a house was ripped off. No reports of injuries though! Thank goodness. I could never live in the real "tornado alley" area of the US, this was scary enough!

After all that excitement, I still had to get up early this morning because I was signed up (and paid) for a spin class. I'm pretty lucky because Madison is one of only 3 cities that have CYCFITNESS. It's a spin studio that incorporates free weights during the class so that you work abs, arms, shoulders and your back along with your legs. They also turn off the lights and you ride in the dark, lighted only by blacklights and bright colored spotlights. You clip in with the free spin shoes they supply (which I had never used before), have a towel waiting for you along with cold filtered water. The teachers are pretty much the most happy people. I'm pretty impressed with the amount of energy they have at 6:15am. They must take their E&E. Anywho, it's a killer 45 minutes and I'm addicted. It's always fun to mix up your workouts! It's pretty pricey though so I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going. Saving for wedding things = not spending a lot! We'll see!

What's your workout today?


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