Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Do YOU Define Success?

I remember thinking that being successful in the fitness world only depended upon how you looked.

But in reality, success in your health and fitness can take on many forms. It can be that day that you finally commit to getting fit; the day where you follow your meal plan the whole way through with NO cheats or changes; the day you do 15 perfect pushups in a row; even the day you start to ENJOY eating fruits and vegetables.

To some I’m sure that my success in fitness is lacking. No, I don’t have that 6 pack. No, I’m not at my goal weight. No, I don’t run outside with just shorts and a sports bra. But instead of focusing in on all the ‘no’s’ about my journey (that, lets face it, come from me assuming what people think)...I decided to focus on some of the most recent ‘YES’ moments I’ve had:

-Waking up at 5:30am, 3x last week to workout.
-Meal planning dinners for the week; which included mainated pork tenderloin, chicken lettuce wraps and turkey !
-STICKING to my meal plan all day yesterday (and so far today)
-Reading a new personal development book that is getting me amped to HELP people

I guess what I'm saying is...define your success on YOUR 'yes' moments. Don't let those sneaky thoughts you have trick you into believing what other people think about you is true. Because it's not. And those other people don't matter. The only person that matters in this journey is you!

So tell me....What have some of your YES moments been recently??



  1. I am not much of a runner, but the other day, I set a timer for 20 minutes, covered the treadmill speed/distance area, and forced myself to run until the timer went off. It was definitely a "yes" moment!

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