Friday, June 27, 2014

Progress Picture: Day 1

Well, when I promise something...I deliver! I connect with people the MOST when I'm honest. And honestly, this is where I am:

(Photo Credit: My main squeeze and hubby to be :)

I could sit here and pick apart all the things I hate about this picture, but then I'd be doing what I HATE MOST...when women pick themselves apart. Here's the 3 things I'm going to focus on in this photo:
  • True Smile: I'm proud in this picture because I just worked out to PIYO and it made me feel strong. 
  • Strong Legs: These are the legs that let me run 13.1 miles, but also spins on a bike and does tuck jumps in the living room. Can't complain at legs that let you do ALL that. 
  • Flatter Stomach: Compared to where I was 1 year ago, I've lost a lot of inches around my stomach! THAT makes me feel more confident every time I see the change. 
 Do you feel like sharing a before picture helps you to stick around for an after even more? How do you deal with your negative self-talk?


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