Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sweating for the Wedding

As you may or may not know...I'm engaged! We've made a lot of decisions of which is that I hate planning. LUCKILY we've found a BOMB wedding venue that will take care of all the details for us. I've never been a picky person and I'm not changing that for my wedding! I want it to be beautiful and fun. I want the food to taste good and the booze to overflow with love from a friendly bartender. All of which I know our venue will pull off! So, the date has been decided. It's in late 2015! Haha, you thought I was going to tell you the exact date?? This gives me over a year to truly get in the best shape of my life.

However, a year is a long time. So I decided to make short term goals. Here they are so far!
  1. I WILL lose 5 pounds by August 2014. (Starting PIYO on July 7th to help this!)
  2. I WILL complete 1 Round of PIYO, and 1 Round of the 21 Day Fix by September 7th, 2014. 
  3. I WILL drop by body fat percentage by 10% by December 2014. (Gotta feel confident wedding dress shopping)
  4. I WILL post a progress picture every month.
  5. I WILL find 10 people during this time and help change their lives too!

There you have it, my next 6 months. I pretty much tell everyone I come in contact with that I'm Sweating for The Wedding. Even my boss knows....but since he's in his late 50's and doesn't even know what a Hashtag is, he didn't quite get it. HAHA.

Stay tuned for the FIRST Picture...coming TOMORROW!


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