Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beat July 4th Weight Gain and Bloat, 3 Day Refresh!

HOLIDAYS are FUN but the after party BLOAT stinks!

Or maybe it’s just been an entire month or two of bad choices and you have just plain had enough!
It's time to do a little summer cleaning of the diet and nutrition! I'm kicking off a brand new group----> It's going to focus on nutrition, clean eating, new recipes, nutrition tips, Shakeology and the brand new 3 Day Refresh to kick it off! We are doing this together, committed to starting over! Let’s pretend its January 1st and you are setting some new years resolutions to get into shape! It's never too late to make a change!

Now that the 4th of July is over, another holiday is history and we are officially into the heart of the summer!! It’s time to give ourselves a little restart!!!  Face it, no matter how healthy we think we eat, how much we think we exercise, there is always room for improvement!  Everytime I challenge myself to keep track of my food, to intensify my workouts I notice big jumps in my fitness, my energy level and overall how I feel each day.  I know personally it’s easy to get off track.  It starts with a few cocktails with friends, beers at the baseball game and smores around the campfire, and before you know it, you’re totally off track! Then you give up and say “oh well, I already messed today’s diet up…what’s the point in trying to salvage it now?” So you grab pizza or French fries! I feel your pain. But all the working out in the world isn't going to take away that bloated & sluggish feeling you get when you over eat and binge drink the whole holiday weekend!  I know because I did this last weekend at the Country USA Concert. 3 days camping outside, eating chips and drinking beer. I needed to change things up! And as I sat on my balcony brainstorming ideas for my next support group, this idea hit me!

How about we kick off July with the brand new 3-Day Refresh Program and incorporate that into a 30 day CLEAN Eating & Shakeology group! YES!  This is perfect!  Okay, so why is it perfect you might ask?! The 3 Day Refresh is designed to give you fast, clean, and efficient weight loss.  You can quickly drop a few pounds and inches, break a bad habit and get back on track!  Its 3 shakes a day, a fiber drink, plenty of water, fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy fats so that you keep your energy and your metabolism going.  It is not a juice or fasting diet but a healthy diet that is going to give your body nutrition vs starvation.  

As a Registered Dietitian I am totally ON BOARD with this program! Because GUESS WHAT?? Normal juice cleanses have you stop eating real food. Sure, you lose weight and inches, but as soon as you eat REAL foods again…the pounds come right back. The 3 Day Refresh is completely different. You’re eating real foods, fresh fruits and veggies and not just losing a whole bunch of water weight.

So once we complete the 3 Day Refresh, which has the structured meal plan, we can preserve our results and not slide back into old habits by continuing on for 30 days of clean eating!  I really don’t want you to do the 3 Day Refresh and go right back to your old habits on day 4. I want you to MAINTAIN and continue to MAKE PROGRESS afterwards. So, for 30 Days I’m going to teach you how to meal plan, how to prepare easy (husband and kid approved) meals, give you snack tips and teach you the importance of proper nutrition for sustained energy!

Also, since it is vacation season and just about everyone I know is traveling at some point, I am going to spend an entire week going over vacation tips, traveling rules, and how to enjoy your summer vacations and have balance without feeling deprived.  So no matter if you are traveling during this 30 days you can still feel accountable without guilt.

So how does this work?  Well, if I am not your Team Beachbody Coach then you would make me your coach.  Contact me below by filling out the application to join!  You are required to purchase the 3-day refresh challenge pack from me as your coach.  Then, you are accepted into my closed online support group that will begin on the 14th of July.

We will start with the 3 Day Refresh then 30 days of replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology, healthy eating and any exercise of your choice.  It does not have to be a Beachbody Fitness Program, although I encourage you to do some form of physical activity for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week!  :)  (21 Day Fix, P90X3, Chalean Extreme, PIYO, T25).

Each day you will log into the group for your tip of the day, daily motivation, inspiration and accountability. I will share recipes along with ways to handle late night munchies, sugar cravings, emotional eating, temptations and more.  You will be accountable each day to report with the group your food and your workouts! At the end of the 30 days we will measure our progress, submit our results and in 30 days you will have kicked bad habits, introduced new healthy habits and be on your way to creating lifelong healthy habits!

Does this sound like something you would like to do? 
 If so, join me by completing the application below.

If you are anxious to get started then purchase your 3-Day Refresh Challenge Pack here and make sure to message me and I will add you to the group and get you up and running!  

Either way, the cut off for registration is Wednesday July 9th!  So don't wait until the last minute or you might miss an opportunity to truly transform your health and feel your best this summer! Stop saying tomorrow, stop putting off the small changes because you never know what tomorrow will bring! You only have today, your health, your choices and this 1 life! It's so precious and I can't say enough about how important it is to take care of what we have! Whether you need a total overhaul or just a few tweaks now is your time!  From woman to woman, twenty something to twenty something, bride to bride, business owner to business owner, trust me YOU have TIME to put yourself FIRST for 30 minutes each day!  


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