Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trying to Not Sabbotage Myself!

Sooo today I'm just going to talk about traveling and dieting. Mostly because Joe and I are headed back to Pennsylvania for the weekend! Yes, I'M SUPER EXCITEDDDD...not about the drive of course, mostly about seeing family! We're driving the 10 hour route tonight and I'm trying to plan out how to NOT ruin my healthy eating. Ever since #SweatingfortheWedding became my life mantra, I've been really "good" with eating. Don't get me wrong, I crave carbs like no other. But, it's a lifestyle and in order to be successful I have to stop giving into all of my whims. If you don't change the way you've always eaten, then you won't change the way you look!

I've been on-point with the Fix nutrition plan since Monday. That's right....4 days without deviating from what I planned on Sunday evening. How did I do it? Meal prep! Everybody wants to think that you don't have to prep, but you're just lying to  yourself. There's no way I would be on Day 4 if I didn't make all of my lunches, pack all of my snacks and plan all of my breakfasts and dinners on Sunday. It's so easy to open the fridge, see my labeled food and know exactly what I'm supposed to take for the day. Things got a little shaky last night because I was dead tired and motivated for nothing. I improvised "Taco Night" with "Breakfast Burrito Night" LOL.

Here's the game plan on how to WIN at changing your lifestyle. PLAN ahead, know what you're going to eat and when. IMPROVISE correctly. So if you're feeling lazy that doesn't mean you get to have pasta and Alfredo sauce just because it's there. You have to pick the foods that fit into what you were planning to eat already! And finally, FOLLOW THROUGH. Stop promising yourself "tomorrow" or "on Monday." Because Monday comes and Monday goes and unless you commit to yourself, you'll be disappointing yourself week in and week out.

This weekend will be all about will power. Wish me luck, and I'll definitely be checking in to let you know how I did! Follow me on Instagram for pics (@JessicaGraceFitness)!


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