Thursday, July 24, 2014

What I Didn't Know About Starting a Business

I'm a business owner. Does that mean I do everything right? Know all the right things to say? Turn everything I touch to gold? Absolutely not. Oh, how we all wish life were that easy. But it's not. It's not a one-size fits all world and there's no magic bullet that will take you from the bottom to the top. You really have to work at it, day in and day out. Here's a post all about my frustrations as of late. And my dreams.

Working at something day in and day out doesn't only apply to business though, it applies to your health and your relationships. Because just when you think you've got it all figured out, a curve ball comes your way. Someone puts you down for what you're doing, somebody makes a joke about your dream or they talk about how you still look the same behind your back. Believe me, I've heard it all. It's like a punch in the gut when all you want to do is help people change the course of their life. Because it's a hell of a lot easier to be healthy now, than to be unhealthy later. That's no secret. And how to succeed in a business is no secret either. Consistency is key. Invite people to join you. Be a positive person.

I always have a hard time dealing with those unsupportive, negative, jokers in my life though. I have to remind myself EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm thrown one of ignore 'em. I wish I had a really quick, one size fits all answer for you, but I don't. You have to learn to ignore them and you'll have to remind yourself every. single. time. It's just how it goes.

Focus on you and why you're doing what you're doing. Whether it's to be confident in your own skin, or to provide a better life for your family. As long as YOU enjoy what YOU do...then you're on your way! And all those negative people will be stuck in the past, looking up at you and wondering how you did it when they thought it was impossible. Because we all know NOTHING is impossible with consistent effort.

Me for example? I started a business because I want to live a life that I design. I know that in a few years I'll be moving away from Wisconsin, and I want this job to be the last "full time" job I have. I want to work from home, teach a few classes and inspire others to chase their dreams. I've never been "good" at working the 9-5 grind. I'm always thinking about more important uses of my time. And now a days, that mostly consists of checking in with my challengers. Texting them during the day to make sure they're keeping up with what they promised to themselves. Okay, okay, I'd also like to life a life that I design for the working out benefit. I'd love to workout at 10am everyday...who wouldn't ? OH! And yoga pants, I want to live in fitness gear in my designed life!! Ask anyone who knows me in my real life and they'll tell you I only enjoy getting dressed up for nights out. I put about 15 minutes of effort into my business casual look. I know that I'll get where I want to be in life after a few years. And the people who doubted me will be asking how I did it.


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