Sunday, August 3, 2014

Insanity Update!

Oh man!! Insanity is NO JOKE! I used to never really be "into" the whole Insanity workout thing. I thought people who did it were crazy. But then one day I decided that I needed to be crazy too.

Why not me? Why CAN'T I get awesome results from Insanity? Why wouldn't I want to challenge my body and feel better than ever before? I was actually inspired by fellow Beachbody Coach, Melanie, to do Insanity. She had 2 kids and went from this before to after. Holy moly! Like I said, why NOT me? I can totally do this!!

I'm so lucky because my fiance is doing the program with me! There are two other "insaniacs" doing it on our Facebook page too. I'm relieved to be getting so much support from people everywhere! I know I'll need it on Day 1 of Month 2 (or at least I think I will! My best friend warned me that it's a hard day!! LOL).

Along with Insanity, I'm doing the 21 Day Fix eating plan...I just can't get enough of it! It helps me to stay on track and avoid eating the foods that weigh me down. And since Joe is doing the workout with me, we'll be working out in the evenings. He's not much of a morning person so I compromised on my workout timing. But that means that I have to stay on point all day! No good can come from eating unhealthy foods before serious plyometrics!

Here are my first fit test results!

  • Switch Kicks: 55
  • Power Jacks: 39
  • Power Knees: 79
  • Power Jumps: 27
  • Globe Jumps: 8
  • Suicide Jumps: 18
  • Pushup Jacks: 15
  • Lower Plank Oblique: 40

The next round of Fit Test is in 2 weeks, so I'll post numbers then!

Any of you do Insanity out there? Any tips? Let me know :)

And as always, if you want to join...just send me an email!

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