Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sneak Peak Into My Challenge Group!

Happy Thursday!! To say I'm excited for the relaxing weekend to arrive would be an understatement! I'm ready to catch up on some sleep :)

Today I wanted to share a "sneak peak" of one of the charts that I've put together for my participants in my September 2nd Challenge Group! I've been working hard, thinking about WHAT could help make you guys more successful than ever before. Mainly it consisted of "what am I asked?" On the day to day basis I'm asked: What do I Eat? How much protein do I need? Do I need to drink Shakeology? What time should I eat? How often do you eat? Is bread bad for me? Can I have beer? How do you drink so much water? How much do you sleep? Can I eat butter? Should I be following a low-fat diet? And so on…. Please don't stop asking questions by the way!! This helps me figure out what the majority of people need from me, your coach. By getting asked questions I can translate information into easy to read and understand information that can actually help you.

Below you will find the Meal Planning Document that I share with all of my Challenge Group Participants. The only difference is, there's is filled in already. I usually start with what I'm personally going to be eating that week, then they get to ask questions and we tailor the plan to fit their likes and calorie needs.

I also wanted to share my Challenge Group Quick Tips Guide with you! This is where I've put together some answers for my most frequently asked questions, as well as common nutrition tips I think everyone should know!

Interested in joining our group? Send me an email or click on one of the links above!


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