Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weight Loss Help

WOW! The amount of awesome feedback I've received from posting the FREE Insanity Meal Plan is INSANE! (pun intended)

I definitely got off track for a while, forgetting that what MOST people need help with is FOOD.

Food will always be the "downfall" for most people who are trying to make a lifestyle change. It can be like crack. Seriously. You all know the one food that you can never seem to say "no" to, right? Start training your brain to look at that food as your gateway drug into all the other bad foods!! Dramatic...but don't let it control you! Instead, plan ahead. Know what food you'll replace it with; don't keep that food in the house; and don't look at it on a menu if you're out to eat. Taking those steps to protect yourself will help in your long term lifestyle change!

And don't forget: it takes 21 Days to form a habit. Stick to your new lifestyle for 21 days, and it WILL become your habit. Every day, at every meal, make the right choice. And be proud of that right choice. Don't sell yourself short! Its the day in and day out changes that make your LIFE better!

Results take time and if you don't celebrate your daily victories then you could get frustrated along the journey. That's why it's so important to focus on the small steps that are getting you towards your big goal!

Want to talk about your small steps, or your big goal? Fill out this form and we'll talk about getting you to where you want to be!!


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