Thursday, September 18, 2014

21 Women, 21 Days!

Nothing motivates me more than when I'm helping other people.

Yesterday I saw this quote: "You can tell who the strong women are; they are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down."

Too often we compare ourselves to each other. And too often it's when we're around "that girl." You know, the one that makes you end up feeling worse, when you thought it wasn't possible. "She" comes in many forms. For me, it was mostly the ones that complained about their body, when it was so obviously perfect. Or the one who looked me up and down and judged my appearance. I would see it happening and if you're anything like I was…you start to cower away.  You retreat into your place of self-hate where you tell yourself you'll never be as skinny as her, or as stylish as her.

But, in the beautiful mess that is LIFE…we need to learn to look past the first comments and the first glances. Behind that killer body or awesome outfit, they're hiding something just like everyone else. More times then not, they have zero self-esteem. They get their high from the attention they get, rather than the love they give. And we should always remember to LOVE them, even if they're making us feel bad. Because they too are fighting a hard battle.

I want to create friendships with you all. 
I want to lift you up on the days when you feel like you just CAN'T do it. 
I want to help you push past whatever obstacles have been holding you back.
And, I want you to help me too. Because I'm far from perfect.

That's why I've created this next challenge. The 21 Women, 21 Days Challenge is meant for us all to help each other. It's meant to show you how empowering and inspiring it can be when you inspire another. And it's meant to get you to STOP that self-hate talk and START the self-LOVE talk.

The only requirement is that you purchase the 21-Day Fix Challenge Pack by September 30th, 2014. It is on sale for $140. At the end of the 21 Days, EVERY Participant will receive a $30 gift card to Target. If you're ready to just dive in, click this link to purchase. If you want to talk some things over with me, or decide if the 21-Day Fix is right for you… fill out the form below!


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