Friday, September 26, 2014

FOMO: Tone It Up Retreat #TIURetreat

I can't be the only one who has FOMO right now. (FOMO - The Fear of Missing Out). Haha.

My Instagram feed is filled with the Tone It Up Retreat! It looks like it's going to be a blast, and I'm definitely jealous of all of their swag. To honor those at the TIURetreat and to make myself feel better about having to miss it…I'm kicking my butt all weekend with some killer workouts. I'm still doing Insanity, actually woke up at 6am to fit in the workout this morning. But I'm going to have a TIU Weekend! Tonight when I get home I'll do the Bikini Arms from BeachBabe2 DVD! Saturday morning I WILL wake up and do the HIIT workout from BeachBabe1 DVD. What better #SassySaturday? After that I work all day on Saturday at the Badger Football game, so planning and bringing my healthy meals are a MUST. To cap it all off on Sunday, I'll be doing a 5K run, hopefully around one of the lakes. Trying to track down some friends to join me!

What's your weekend going to be filled with?

In other news, next week is our LAST WEEK of Insanity!! To cap it all off, we have our ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SHOOT on Sunday, October 5th! Very excited :) No drinking any alcohol between now and then though, I want to have the best skin and body possible! I see why models and people who have to do fashion shoots are able to not indulge. Paying a lot of money (or in their case, getting paid a lot of money) is a serious inspiration to keep it healthy.

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  1. Hey just found your blog because as I was searching #tiuretreat. Are you in WI (you mentioned the Badger game)? I am in Oshkosh. I too am suffering from FOMO. I definitely would've signed up for the retreat if I weren't about to have a baby (due Wed). LOL. Hoping if they do it next year I can swing it.

  2. I cut sugar, caffeine, carbs & alcohol for 15 days before our wedding and I was in the absolute best shape of my life, not to mention my skin was GLOWING! I would definitely do it again for our Christmas photo shoot, but it's not sustainable (at least for me!!) long term. Mama needs that wine!


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