Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Triathlon 2015

I signed up for my first Triathlon!! :)

Completing a triathlon has been on my bucket list for a while. I grew up swimming competitively and love the sport. I miss having an excuse to get a pool membership and throw on my cap and goggles! There's no way I would ever be scared of a swim…unless it was the Ironman length! Haha. As far as the biking goes, that doesn't scare me either. Although I would love to have a better bike! Mine's a little rusted and sounds like a T-Rex off of Jurassic Park when I put the breaks on. None the less, it'll work to get a 16 mile ride down. And finally, the 5K run. I'm not intimidated by this either. Although all the people that I beat in the swim will surely beat me in the run. I'm a solid 9min mile gal. What I'm most nervous for is the transitions and cost. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a bike, spin shoes, wet suit, etc…but with the Wisconsin weather in June, I'm sure I'll want that wet suit for the lake swim!!

Luckily, some of my favorite trainers…Karena and Katrina from ToneItUp put together a Triathlon Training Program for any newbies out there. It even includes videos all about the different transitions, a list of all the gear you'll need and how to stay focused when you get tired. I plan on working in the Triathlon training with Focus T25, Insanity and the 21 Day Fix over the next year in order to get ready! Over the winters I usually give up on running, so it'll be my challenge to get my butt to the treadmill! Also, there's a pool on campus that I can buy a membership at for pretty cheap. They have open swim over the lunch break! I'll try to work that into my routine twice a week. In the spring time, Joe and I will pick up biking again. Did I mention he's doing it with me?? Love that guy. Always up for a challenge even when he's awful at swimming.

Have you ever done a Triathlon? Any tips? Where can I find some cheap gear?


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