Thursday, November 20, 2014

Earn $500 For Christmas By Being a Beachbody Coach on My Team!

Hey y'all! Welp, it's that time of year. When we all stress out over buying gifts for our friends and family. I know Joe has it extra hard this time of year because there's Christmas, plus my birthday, his dads birthday and his brothers birthday! WHEW. If you don't plan right, that could cost you a lot!

As a Beachbody Coach I have the privilege to help many people transform their bodies and minds with my challenge groups. I LOVE hearing my clients tell me how they've made progress in their lives, just by focusing on themselves for that little bit of time during their workout. I know that this is exactly what I am supposed to do every day, because I wake up EXCITED to talk with them, hear their struggles and help them through it. It was a slow start for me as a coach, but I'm proud to say that I not only cover the cost of my own Shakeology every month…but earn an income to cover half of the rent each month (this is especially helpful now that I just bought a new car since mine was totaled!).

So, as I was sitting at home last night thinking about the holidays…what to get Joe, my mom, dad, brother and more people for Christmas, I made the goal to pay for my entire Christmas with money that I make from Beachbody.

This season I don't want to be the only one to pay for my Christmas…instead, I want to help YOU pay for your Christmas too!

I can take on 5 people….5 brand new coaches that are not currently coaches and are committed to following my very simple plan. I am going to teach you how to focus in on the right activities, how to SHARE ...and not sell or "should" on people, how to be authentic and real, genuine and realistic with others to earn $500 this holiday season.

You have to be willing to invite people to a holiday health and fitness group, which we'll run together. While I will do the majority of the work for the group, YOU get to interact, help and support your customers and earn that commission. I'll help teach you what to say, how to say it, how to feel like you're sharing an opportunity instead of just selling a product. It's not about how many people you can get to join, but it's about how many people you can build trust with. If you're a genuine person, who cares about people… your friends, family and acquaintances will see that. So we'll both do this with ease, rather than forcing something on people that they're not ready for!

On top of the holiday group, you'll be a part of an exclusive online group where I will post a tip with info, scripts, resources and documents to make YOUR life easier. The basis of our group with be the all-star book "Rock Your Network Marking Business" by Sarah Robbins (provided via Kindle to you, from me!) We'll have a group chat each week to talk about how you're doing too!

If you've been considering coaching for a while and haven't gone through with it--nows your time! Start now, set an example and once the holidays are over you won't just have earned $500, you'll have inspired people just by your dedication! It can be your part time gig or eventually a full time income. It's a PERSONAL goal that YOU get to pick.

With the launch of Insanity Max:30 in December and The 21 Day Fix Extreme in February, the opportunities for growth are huge. You will have more success if you start now, rather than later.

So, lets get the ball rolling!  I am going to be creating the group and getting organized plus reading through the applications and selecting 5 people I feel have the desire and determination to reach success as a coach!

If you would like to be considered for a spot in the Cash for Christmas coach group please complete the application below.


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