Monday, November 10, 2014

Find A Problem; Then Solve It

Over and over again I've heard people discuss this concept: Find a Problem, Then Solve It. This is how you can build a successful business that is unlike any other.

I've found a problem: weight loss success.
I've found the solution: Shakeology and working out.

But not everyone gets on board. And I've wondered why? Why do people come up with so many excuses when it comes to weight loss? I mean they TALK about losing weight ALL THE TIME. They talk about wanting to feel more confident, losing fat and gaining muscle and having more energy to do more than just sit on the couch. But when I give people options…they give me those excuses. Well, those and "I don't have the money" or "holy crap that's expensive."

I guess I'm different because I've never let money be my excuse. I've always found a way to make it work. And it's not like I'm rich. I get paid less than the average dietitian at my job. I actually took a pay cut to quit my last job and work for Wisconsin. I was SO MISERABLE at my last job that the pay cut wasn't even an issue. I knew I would make it work. I've turned my passion into my at home business to help pay. Sure, at first Shakeology seemed like it cost a lot---but when I crunched the numbers it wasn't. It's less than $4/day. Shoot, I was spending $4/day on coffee! Then, once I started sharing with my friends and family about how Shakeology gave me energy, serves as my multivitamin and probiotic and tastes delicious..they wanted to see for themselves. I now have MANY clients who drink Shakeology everyday! Besides being proud to help them on their health journey; they've helped me. Since they drink Shakeology and order it monthly…they actually PAY for my Shakeology! So I went from making $4/day for a shake WORK within my budget, to spending NOTHING on my shakes…to actually earning money above and beyond the cost of my Shakeology.

What I'm trying to say is… don't let money hold you back.


If you feel like you would be good at something, go for it! Just because you join network marketing doesn't mean you turn into this "icky salesperson." I guarantee you that I'm the WORST salesperson ever. My friends and family know that I have a blog, they follow my business Instagram and they support my Facebook page. But when we're in-person, I never force it on them. I share my successes with them and of course talk muscles and weight loss with my BFF's (as most girls do) but I let them make their own decisions. And that's what you have to do! Not everyone shares your dreams or your interests. You'll find the people that believe the same things you do. Don't get me wrong, if you start a business--tell people! But don't "SHOULD" on them. (You SHOULD join me, You SHOULD drink Shakeology, You SHOULD buy this). Stop "shoulding" on them and let them make their own decisions.  After all, it's their life.

Whether it's fitness related, DIY related or blog related. Just start doing what you love! I promise you it won't feel like work…especially when someone thanks you for changing their life.


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