Sunday, November 16, 2014

Healthy Ice Cream Float

Tonight I wanted to share with you all my new favorite treat!! The bonus part is that I don't even feel guilty about eating it :) And you won't either!!

This week I was lucky enough to have my friends at ArcticZero send me over  a care package filled with their newest flavors! Orange Cream, Coconut and Sea Salt Caramel. (Side note: this is one of the nicest companies I have ever worked with. Lindsay sent me a handwritten note and they never expected anything in return. They just saw that I tried Arctic Zero and raved about it, so they wanted to let me be one of the first to try the new flavor! There's something to be said for a company who just wants to share their product without asking for anything in return. Good people!)


As soon as I got the Orange Cream I knew what I wanted to do with it… ICE CREAM FLOAT. I don't even care that the first real snow was yesterday, I still wanted it!

Like I said in a previous post, I also have fallen in love with Zevia.

Naturally, these 2 things belong together.

So here it is:

Scoop out half of the Arctic Zero pint into a fancy glass, because fancy glasses make everything better.

Pour Cream Soda Zevia overtop.


I also think that Maple Vanilla Arctic Zero with Ginger Root Beer Zevia would be phenomenal and is next on my list!

The macros for this recipe (including whole soda):
Calories: 72 Protein: 6g Carbs: 18g Fat: 0g

Needless to say, you're welcome, and ENJOY!!


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