Friday, November 14, 2014


I'm so pumped for this next Challenge Group! It's called the #HolidayHustle!!! (I may have been influenced by the title of #GIRLBOSS and thought that putting a hashtag made it THAT much more badass. Haha.)

So, what's the #HolidayHustle? It's pretty simple. This is a 25 Day Challenge Group to get you through the holiday parties and potlucks with the desire, accountability and support to do it in a healthy way!

To join, I have the following requirements:
1) You must be committed to working out at least 5 out of 7 days a week.
2) You must be committed to eat healthy MOST of the time, but also allow for 1 day a week indulgences when friends and family come to town or celebrate the holidays. Because life is all about balance!
3) You must drink Shakeology everyday.
4) You must BE NICE TO YOURSELF. No negative thoughts or calling yourself fat allowed!!
5)You must be willing to participate in our SECRET Facebook Accountability group! Secret means that nobody can see it, so you can be honest and open! 

During the #HolidayHustle I will be doing a Hybrid of Focus T25 and Insanity. If you are interested in finding a fitness program that's right for you to follow, let me know! Otherwise, you can do whatever kind of exercise you want!

As I said above, Shakeology is a requirement! Its a meal replacement shake that will keep you energized and healthy during the holiday season. If you need to order Shakeologycheck the correct box below!! I'll give you the rundown of the best deals.

Okay, that's it! Are you in??


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