Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wedding Planning

Joe and I have been engaged for 6 months now, and the wedding is in less than a year :)

Everyone always asks me questions about the wedding… and sometimes I feel like I let people down! Let me explain why...Remember my post last week about my BIGGEST Weakness?? It was DETAILS! I'm so bad with details. Now, apply that to planning a wedding. Yep, you guessed it… not good! The big picture and outcome I care SO MUCH ABOUT, but the little things? Woof.

We have the Church, the Pastor, the venue, the food, the photographer, the booze, the DJ, and the florist. All that's left on my big "to-do" list is save-the-dates, invites, bridesmaids dresses (oh, and asking the bridesmaids to be in the wedding as well. It's hard since I live 14 hours away from most of them lol), groomsman's suits, MY DRESS and the cake!

And to be perfectly honest, every meeting we've had we always defer to the professionals opinion. I mean they DO plan weddings for a living. This is their passion and they're good at it. Why not let them have creative control over the flower designs, backlighting and table design? There's nothing more painful to me than thinking about how to set up a table. All I want when I sit down is a bread basket, soft butter and a glass of champagne. (Karen, if you're reading this…  make sure to write that down ;)

So, as un-enlightening as that may have been…it's the truth. We have stuff planned. It'll come together awesome. Everyone will have a great time. Joe and I will be married.

Side note: If you know of a really stress-free invitation company that I can work with (who also enjoys giving small business owners a discount), let me know! I think that might be the hardest choice I have to make!


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  1. Yours seems to be an ultimate wedding planning share! My god! Everything is done in advance. Lists and budget need to be set first of all. Same was done by my sister for her brother in law. Booking for NYC wedding venues was done according to the number of guests and catering space needed. Cake cutting ceremony was beautifully done at the staircase.


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