Thursday, December 11, 2014


If you've ever met my mom then you know she's the sweetest human ever.

Not to be outdone, she bought me the COOLEST birthday present today! A microdermabrasion!

I was originally going to get it done at home in Hershey while I was back for Christmas. But I found out that my local beauty studio does it for $25 CHEAPER! Tis the season to save, so I went this afternoon.

A microdermabrasion exfoliates the top layer of the skin and reduces lines, wrinkles and PORE SIZE (that's what I was most excited about!) If you're local to Madison I can't recommend Modish Studios ENOUGH! Marie (the licensed esthetician and skin care line creator) is incredibly knowledgable and helpful. Hearing her describe how the skin works and how to keep it hydrated, healthy and young looking was fascinating to me. Better yet, she makes it all make sense. It's funny, I've always been so diligent with feeding my body correctly and getting my vitamins and minerals in…but when it came to my skin I never thought about it. And if I've learned anything from talking to Marie, it's that ignoring your skin is stupid! Your skin is so important and if you want to look younger for longer… then you have to take care of it.

Here's my BEFORE (no foundation) and AFTER (still no foundation)

So you can see, just a little redness. But my nose pores are a lot smaller! :) It felt like a cats tongue was licking my face. Oddest description, but totally on point! After the microderm, she gave me an enzyme treatment and then a mask. My skin feels so smooth right now!

This studio is also where I get all my spray tanning done. Since I've grown up, I've realized paying for a spray tan now is much healthier than paying for skin cancer later. Heather (the owner) and her staff all do a great job. I've never left feeling orange, streaky or awkward looking. They know what they're doing and use top of the line products (which helps, believe me). In college I tried getting a spray tan at California Tan. It was a booth. It was awful. I sweated off orange at the gym 3 days later and was so embarrassed! I promise you that this won't happen if you go to Modish!

Now I'm ready to head home for the holiday's with my super fresh and healthy skin :)

Have you ever had a facial, microdermabrasion or enzyme treatment done?


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