Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Insanity Max:30 Day 1

Day 1. Yep, I started Insanity Max:30!

The best part of this Insanity workout is that it's only 30 minutes!!

So it made it a lot easier to get out of bed this morning when I knew it wasn't a whole hour like the previous Insanity.

This first workout is considered the fit test. So we do it weekly and measure progress on the calendar.

Insanity Max is different from regular Insanity, because you measure your "max out" time. This is the minute mark in the workout where you can no longer keep up and have to take a break. Shaun T reminds you it's OKAY to max out..since that's the whole point of the workout. I maxed out at 4:10 today. And honestly, it was because of my calfs!! The warm up section is a lot of jumping movements and my calfs are way out of shape. Once you max out you jot it down on the tracking calendar…then JUMP BACK IN.

The moves in the workout are really dynamic…meaning lots of muscle groups all at once. My favorite was definitely Chair Squat Jumps. It's like a really mean twist on chair pose in yoga and burns your inner thighs!!

Like all Beachbody programs, Max:30 comes with a nutrition guide. The REALLY cool part of this nutrition guide is that it utilizes the container system! And the containers are the same ones used in the 21 Day Fix!! You certainly don't need them..but it's such an awesome way to link together the programs and keep you thinking about eating well. It shows you how to advance past the 21 days of the fix and into a lifetime of health!! Even if you don't have the 21 Day Fix, you can buy the containers separately here.

Overall, I'm impressed with the first workout, the nutrition guide, the eating out guide and the inspiration from Shaun T before and during the workout!! I'll be keeping you updated as I progress through :)

If you're interested in Insanity Max:30, fill out the form below!


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