Wednesday, December 10, 2014

T25 vs. Insanity MAX:30

After my post yesterday, I got a lot of questions!! Mostly about the difference between Insanity Max: 30 and Focus T25. Although both programs were created by Shaun T, they’re very different!

First, Focus T25 is much more choreographed. It’s based on a count system so when Shaun T’s teaching you…he’s thinking rhythms and 8 counts. This can be hard for some people to get the hang of (I know it was for me!). It usually takes about a week to figure it all out and be able to do the workouts without stopping and thinking “what arm and leg go up at the same time??” Insanity Max: 30 on the other hand, is very drill based. It’s all about speed and agility. You do tuck jumps, burpees and planks. It’s a “go-go-go---you gotta get this done because your life depends on it” kind of feeling during the workout. A sense of urgency for sure!

Focus T25 is a 25 minute program, 5 days a week with a double day on Friday’s. So the Friday workout is really 50 minutes total. Insanity Max: 30 is a 30 minute program, 5 days a week. There is an optional recovery workout called Pulse that you can do on Saturday’s, but it’s not required. I like to move most days of the week so I’m definitely going to be doing it!

T25 uses weights in the second month of the program (and in the Gamma phase if you purchase those 5 workouts). I definitely LOVED the weighted workouts. I used free weights rather than the band they send you. Max: 30 is all YOU. No weights or bands. This is great for me at this time of the year since I travel home and don’t always have access to any equipment (although a band fits fine in a suitcase!)

Both have modifiers, but Beachbody did something really great in Max: 30 that I’ve never seen before…they have a play option on the home screen called “Show Modifier.” SOOOO, when you select this option you see a regular version of the program on the left and then you ALWAYS see the modifier on the right!! Kind of like picture in picture. This has been great the past 2 days since I frequently max out and have to do the modified move. I never find myself waiting around until they show it again because it’s always right there. Bravo, Beachbody.

Since I JUST started Max: 30 I can’t give an overall opinion because I still have workouts to do! But, here’s my advice. If you’ve NEVER done a DVD workout program…start with T25. It’s a great way to learn basic moves, get faster, stronger and more confident in your skills. If you workout regularly or have already done T25 and want a shock to the system, then go with Max: 30! It’s one of those workouts that I know I’ll keep coming back to (just like the regular Insanity). Both are short, sweet and effective!


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