Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to BE POSITIVE During Your Fitness Journey!

Let’s face it… it’s not even close to being easy when we’re on a NEW or ongoing fitness journey. Well, any journey for that matter. It can be hard…REALLY hard. And while we’re in the thick of it surrounded by people doubting us, judging us, and tempting us to cheat it can be difficult to see the end result. But there are a few tricks that I’ve learned to rely on, and here they are!

1 – Don’t depend on things to make you happy. A lot of people tend to count on other things to make them happy or they’ll add an “if” to it. I mean, how many of you have said “I’ll be happy when I lose 10 pounds.” OR “If I get to leave work early today THEN I’ll be happy.” Well, here’s the secret to it – YOU are the only thing your happiness depends on. If you depend on an outside source or a future wish, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Try this: wake up every morning and think of one thing that you’re happy for. If you’re my two of my best friends, it would probably be your cat (yeah, you know which cat ladies you are!). I don’t have a dog or a kid to be up in my face making me happy…but I do remind myself how thankful I am for the ability to get up and workout. Not everyone has the ability to get that endorphin rush early in the morning!!

2- Change what you associate happiness with! This was a huge moment for me. I used to associate happiness with sleeping in, drinking every weekend, and watching hours upon hours of television on the couch. Now, I’m not saying that those things don’t still make me happy, but I certainly don’t depend on them to BE happy! Instead, make your WORKOUT your happy boost. Make the healthy dinner that you prepare for yourself and your family your happy boost. Be happy that you made a healthier choice than you would have made the day before!

3- STOP Comparing Yourself! If I could stand up on stage and yell this out to people in the crowd, I would. Lately I’ve been focusing in on this more than ever before. I realized that when I would get on social media I would get SAD. I would think “man, everyone else is so successful…why hasn’t it happened for me yet?” Or, I would think “everyone already knows about Beachbody, there’s nobody left for me to coach.” Which is TOTALLY wrong. It’s just that I focused in on OTHER people and not myself and MY journey.

So, instead of focusing in on other people focus on JUST YOU. Set a goal and type it out on your phone, write it down, or tell someone! I mean, I’m all ears if you need me! It can be as simple as pushing further in your workout than you did the day before. It can be as hard as changing professions. The possibilities are endless and you’ll never get frustrated if you just focus on YOU and leave everyone else out of the picture. 

4- Make happiness the only option. There’s always a time in everyones life when they get “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” For me, I was sick of being sad about the way my body looked and sad about my strength. I was sick of feeling unhappy over something that takes TIME to change. So, I chose to be happy from THIS DAY FORWARD. No, it hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows… I have to work hard everyday, but it’s been so much easier since changing my mindset!

5- Keep your eye on the prize. Usually about 2 weeks into your journey you’ll start to feel the effects of busting your booty and you’ll get TIRED. This is the point where you need to remember WHY you started. Is your goal in front of you everyday? No?? Then make it! Print a picture of your goal and put it on your mirror or desk at work. It could be a bikini you want to buy, a vacation you want to earn or a student loan you want to payoff! Just make sure it’s a big goal that you’re ready to WORK for! This way, when you’re in the dark moments and you want to give up…your goal is staring back at you and reminding you to never give up!

Be happy. Choose Happy. In your fitness journey, your business or your LIFE in general.

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