Saturday, January 17, 2015

KT Tape Review

Recently I was shipped samples of KT Tape from the company to try. So before you read on, yes, the product was free for me! But these are my real experience and opinions. They didn't require a "good" review, just an HONEST review! Here goes...

I really only knew of KT Tape because of Kerri know, the super fit and insanely inspiring beach volleyball gold medalist. (Geez, I would LOVE to meet this woman!)


And to be honest, I don't have any need for KT Tape at this point in my life. I don't have bad ankles, sore shoulders or calf strains (thank goodness!). However, Joe has HORRIBLE ankles and suffers from plantar fasciitis. So when the company reached out, I knew Joe would be my tester. 

KT Tape is made of 100% cotton sheathes that are made to be durable and reusable. The material stretches in LENGTH but not in width, so it can be supportive to the area you need it to be. It's also made to have a "breathable" weave so that moisture can escape. If you have a current injury you can even wear this tape 24 hours a day (even in the shower!) to give you everyday support. Definitely something you can't get with regular grade medical tape. 

When I first felt the tape I was pleased with how comfortable and soft it is. It's not bulky and is very flexible. I gave my mom and dad the other rolls as stocking stuffers because my dad has tennis elbow and my mom has really bad arthritis in her knee. Neither of them were very helpful with this blog post….so if you're reading this mom and dad--GO USE IT AND WORK OUT! Haha.

Anyway, Joe got to use the pink roll :) 

Ankle Taping

Plantar Fasciitis Taping

The directions were very easy to follow and the tape was SUPER sticky. That's my first warning…try to not let the tape get stuck to itself!

You anchor the tape, then stretch, then rub the tape to activate the adhesive. We were skeptical at first that the tape would really stick through the workout. We're doing Insanity Max:30 right now so we sweat…a lot. But the tape DID stick and it didn't move. Even when Joe put his socks and shoes on, the tape didn't move. He's found that to be an issue in the past. The tape would sort of scrunch together and then be uncomfortable to walk on. 

Joe's review: "I really liked the extra support I felt. I would describe it as being in between old school tape and wearing a bulky ankle brace. I could really feel the added support when we were doing lateral agility moves. Usually that's when my ankle hurts the most, but I didn't feel any sting of pain. I'll definitely keep using this for our intense cardio workouts!"

Now, the next thing I was skeptical about was re-using the tape multiple times. But that works too! We would put the tape back on its backing and lay it out flat so that it could dry (it gets soaked in sweat). The next day it was dry and would still stick after we activated the adhesive!

As Joe said, you'll definitely keep using this product if you buy it. If you're suffering from a chronic pain in your joints/muscles or even a short term injury, KT Tape will really help you! It can give you piece of mind to PUSH YOURSELF while knowing you have the support to not hurt yourself. 

You can find a video that describes how to apply KT Tape here. And you can find out where to buy KT Tape here

Let me know if you do because I would love to keep giving this company awesome, real life, everyday people reviews! They deserve it! Awesome product for EVERYONE!



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