Friday, February 20, 2015

My PreWorkout Routine

PreWorkout…everyone has their own routine. Here's mine:

If I'm working out in the morning:

  • Alarm goes of at 5:30am. Hit snooze 1x until 5:40am. Make Joe get up with me.
  • Head downstairs to where my pre-workout (Energy and Endurance) was already scooped out the night before. Add water, chug. 
  • Hit the restroom.
  • Change into my workout clothes.
  • Move the ottoman so there's enough space for Joe and I to workout.
  • Pop in the DVD of the day….right now, it's Insanity Max:30, but next week… 21 Day Fix EXTREME! So pumped.
  • Push Play!
Yep, it's really not that extreme. Working out at home allows me to be up and working out within 15 minutes. I only make it take that long so that my E&E can kick in! It gives me a pep in my step WITHOUT jitters, tingles or other side effects that I've experienced with other kinds. E&E is flavored Lemon-Lime with natural sweeteners. It tastes so good and not grossly sweet. (Click here if you want more info on all the different kinds of pre workouts on the market.)

Want to become a morning person? Read my tips here!

Working out at home > going to the gym, at least for me and my lifestyle!

Now, if I'm working out in the evening, it's a little different:
  • Leave work, drink 16oz of water with scoop of E&E on the way home 
  • Get home, pull out my laptop and do some checking in with my team. I'll usually put some FRIENDS on the tv, or turn on my PopFitness Pandora station :)
  • Prep what I can for dinner as I wait for Joe to get home
  • Once Joe gets home, we move that ottoman and push play
Again, nothing crazy. A pre-workout routine is whatever YOU have to do to get yourself motivated. I get motivated in the evening by checking in on my team! When I hear that they have had a success that day or pushed further than they ever had before, I get SO EXCITED and want to do just as well as they did. 

What motivates you to workout hard?


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