Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pinterest Challenge Day 1!

If you missed yesterday's post then I'll explain what the next 15 days are going to look like! I'm running a 15 Day Free Pinterest Challenge called "Be Healthy - Be Fit - Be Frugal!" I want to help share healthy, easy recipes; easy workout moves you can do at home; and money saving grocery tips! Most emails I receive from clients are all about their lack of time, energy or money to cook healthy, workout or buy healthy foods….so this is my answer to that! I want to show everyone that with little changes to your daily life you can end up making a BIG lifestyle improvement.

Here are today's posts with some more details! And, if you want to follow along just REPIN!

Grocery Saving FRUGAL Tip: Skip the Pre-Packed Salad! When you purchase a pre-cut, pre-washed or pre-bagged vegetable of any kind -- you're paying for someone else to do a job that you can do yourself! Also, a pre-bagged salad only lasts 1-2 days after the purchase by date; whereas a head of lettuce, cabbage or kale will last 10-12 days past the purchase by date.

Move 1: Leg Lower - Start with your hands under your booty for support. Slowly lower your legs until they are parallel with the floor. Then, raise them back up. Be sure to keep your abs TIGHT. If you start feeling it in your lower back, that means you should STOP and bring your legs back up. This should not hurt your back, rather burn your abs :) Repeat 10 times.

Move 2: Hip-Up/Bicycle - Start with your hands behind you as you sit, raise your tummy to the sky so that you are in a straight line. Lower. With your hands still in the same position stretch one leg out at a time; switch; switch; switch. Return to hip-up position. Repeat 20 times. 

Move 3: Low Plank Hold - This age old move is so effective, that's why you see it everywhere! With your forearms on the ground lift your hips up and keep your body in a straight line. Flex your booty and thighs so that you hold the position tightly. Hold for 15 seconds, rest, Hold for 15 seconds. 

Repeat Circuit 3 Times!


Day 1 Healthy Recipe: This Breakfast Refresher Smoothie is SO delicious you won't believe how healthy it is for you. Even if you don't use Shakeology like I choose to, you're still getting protein, fiber (from the fruit) and electrolytes from the coconut water and orange juice. 

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I use Vanilla Shakeology)
1/2 cup Vanilla Yogurt
3/4 cup Frozen Mango
1/2 cup Coconut Water, Plain
1/2 cup Orange Juice
Directions: Blend well! Enjoy!


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