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So you’re interested in a challenge group, eh?? Well, interested enough to click on that link at least! But don’t worry…that’s the first step! It’s also the easiest step. I won’t sugar coat this – starting any new journey is HARD WORK. You’ll have successes, you’ll have failures, you’ll want to give up… but you won’t. Because this time it’s different. You’re not doing this on your own!! You’re surrounded by people that want to change their lives just like you do. And you have me. A person who has struggled through the beginning and has now found success and acceptance.

That’s what a Challenge Group is!

Let’s talk about the benefits of joining one and why you’re 99% more likely to succeed if you join one (I may have made that percentage up, but aren’t all statistics made up? LOL).

  • The workout, nutrition and Shakeology programs are PROVEN to work. This is possibly the most beautiful thing about Beachbody. Thousands of people have gone through the exact same program and challenge group and have gotten incredible life altering results. Unlike when you sign up for the gym OR a personal trainer when the results are unknown. The pictures that you’ve seen on infomercials for T25, Insanity, 21 Day Fix or any of our other programs are REAL! These people started out as a customer of Beachbody JUST LIKE YOU WILL. They had great results and then when Beachbody sent out an email saying “hey.. have you had great results? Send us a picture so we can feature you on our next infomercial” they did. Real results from real people is the most positive reinforcement that it WILL work. You just gotta DO THE WORK!

  • No more guesswork. Seriously! In my experience the hardest part about working out is figuring out what do to, how many times to do it, how heavy to lift or how hard to push. This is probably why I always gravitated to group exercise classes at the gym, because somebody was telling me what to do and how hard I should be pushing. That’s when I realized that HOME FITNESS was the way to go. I bought a program and had Shaun T in my house everyday yelling at me, telling me to push harder and that I would never change if I stayed in my comfort zone.  What I’m getting at is with these programs THERE IS NO GUESSWORK. Simple, easy and concise all with me as your free coach to answer your questions and keep you motivated. In our fast-paced world, nobody has time to waste!

  • You are surrounded by people with the same goals. Like it or not--if this struck your interest, you are in the market for CHANGE. And so is everyone else in the challenge group. Think about how much more likely you are to do something if all the people around you are doing it?! Would you go to happy hour alone? NO WAY! Would you stay an extra hour at the pool alone? NO WAY! Would you be the only one out of all your friends to get a burger when they are all eating their 21 Day Fix Approved Salad? NOOO WAY!! So do me a favor, sit and think about how much more likely you would be to finish something if you were in a group with like minded individuals facing and pulling through the same challenges you were?! I'll tell you ...A LOT more likely! 

  • It’s a lot cheaper than doing it all on your own. Here’s what you’ll get. A Celebrity trainer (in your home), full meal plan, a workout program specifically designed to meet your goals/likes, nutrition help, someone to answer your questions 24/7, daily accountability to keep you in the game when you want to throw in the towel, daily meal replacement SUPERFOOD shake and the support you need.

  • Community and an Opportunity. Once you complete one of these programs I will guarantee you that you’ll be walking around with more confidence and a bigger smile on your face. You’ll feel happier, stronger and better both inside and out. You will be a part of the Beachbody family. You can make other peoples lives better just by sharing with them WHAT you did, HOW you did it and HOW it’s changed your life for the better. Can you think of that one person in your life who is always complaining about being tired or feeling fat? Imagine if you are the one who introduced them to a fitness and nutrition program that changes their life. Giving to others will keep that smile going :)

I hoped this help clear the air a little bit about what a “Challenge Group” IS. Fill out the form below and we can decide together what Challenge Pack is right for you!



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